WCBS2 News

Dr. Bartell guides parents on picking a prom dress that communicates the right message. (Apr 21st 2016)

WCBS2 News

On tonight's news, Dr. Bartell offers parents advice on posting pics of their kids on social media. (Mar 15th 2016)

WCBS2 News

Dr. Bartell offers tips to parents for how to keep your child safe from online predators. (Aug 20th 2015)

CNN The Lead with Jay Tapper

Dr. Bartell comments on 'free-range parenting" (Apr 13th 2015)

Green Moms Meet Summit

Dr. Bartell is a featured speaker at this unique parenting conference sponsered by Kiwi parenting magazine, speaking about Safe Screentime for kids and teens. (Nov 7th 2014)


Dr. Bartell weighs in on what motivated Alex Hribal's high school stabbing spree. (Apr 17th 2014)

The Marilu Henner Show

Dr. Bartell offers tips for parents on guarding and guiding their kids online. (Mar 28th 2014)

WOR 710 radio

Dr. Bartell offers advice for teens and parents on the implications of posting compromising pics to Twitter. (Mar 21st 2014)

WCBS2 News

Dr. Bartell offers commentary and advice on teens posting partying/drinking/sex to a Twitter page. (Mar 20th 2014)

Fox and Friends

Do chubby babies need to go on a diet? Dr. Bartell discusses the dangers of this way of thinking. (Feb 22nd 2014)

NY Metro Parents

Dr. Bartell offers 4 ways to make dad feel really special this Father's Day. (Jun 1st 2013)

The Dr. Oz Show

Dr. Bartell teaches you how Deja Vu is more about biology than about the supernatural! (May 15th 2013)


Dr. Bartell offers advice to parents to support their kids after the tragedy in Connecticut (Dec 17th 2012)


Dr. Bartell discusses post Hurricane Sandy Stress, and the election outcome. (Nov 9th 2012)

CBS New York

Dr. Bartell offers her expert opinion to support news anchor, Jennifer Livingston's choice to publically stand up to a critical email about her weight. (Oct 3rd 2012)

A Teachable Moment: October

Does your child need help this school year? It's not too soon to get help for your child's academic or emotional needs. Tips for how to handle different issues. (Oct 1st 2012)

My Amityville Horror

Dr. Bartell appears in a documentary film, conducting a clinical interview with Daniel Lutz, who, as a child, lived in the Amityville Horror House. (Jul 19th 2012)

USA Today

USA Today's Michelle Healy interview's Dr. Bartell about the possibility of a Facebook for under-13's (Jun 10th 2012)

Daily Dose with Jillian Michaels

Dr. Bartell chats with Jillian and offers tips and ideas to help parents support their overweight kids--physically and emotionally. (May 16th 2012)

WHAM, Rochester, NY

Dr. Bartell offers tips to parents to help a child become 'roller coaster' ready. (May 12th 2012)

FOX 39, IL

Dr. Bartell offers tips for parents to help reluctant riders become Roller Coaster ready. (May 11th 2012)

KGUN9, Tucson, AZ

Dr. Bartell discusses kids' roller coaster fears and gives parents tips to overcome them. (May 11th 2012)


Following a suicide in the Bronx, Dr. Bartell gives parents tips for how to notice a depressed child. (May 9th 2012)

Daily Dose with Jillian Michaels

Dr. Bartell chats with Jillian about girls, body image and self-esteem (May 3rd 2012)

3 Boys and A Dog

Dr. Bartell's "A Teachable Moment" column: Make the Most of Moving Up (May 1st 2012)

CNN International

Dr. Bartell speaks to CNN's Max Foster in London about the perils of extreme parenting. (Feb 2nd 2012)


Dr. Bartell shares advice with listeners on coping with holiday stress and depression. (Dec 21st 2011)

My Fox Houston

Dr. Bartell helps parents talk to their kids about their weight. (Sep 15th 2011)

TODAY show

Dr. Bartell discusses a cutting edge WebMD/Sanford Health Study that says parents are more reluctant to talk to kids about weight than about sex! (Sep 14th 2011)


Dr. Bartell advises parents on how to talk to kids about weight. (Sep 14th 2011)

Martha Stewart Radio: Living Today

Dr. Bartell shares tips about how to prepare your high schooler for a successful school year. (Sep 7th 2011)

Fox & Friends

Dr. Bartell discusses the controversial breastfeeding doll. (Jul 23rd 2011)

Komo Newsradio

Dr. Bartell chats with John Carlson about the controversial breast feeding doll. (Jul 18th 2011)

Radio 105.9, Washington D.C.

Dr. Bartell talks to Kirk & Mike to help Kirk prepare for his second child. (Jul 18th 2011)


Sleep deprivation makes for marital stress--but only for wives! (Jun 13th 2011)

CBS Early Show

Dr. Bartell talks about the J.Crew ad--is it okay for little boys to have pink toenail polish? (Apr 13th 2011)

Martha Stewart Living Radio

Dr. Bartell gives advice and tips for how to communicate with your teen. (Apr 11th 2011)

CBS Early Show

Dr. Bartell gives advice to moms who are addicted to their smartphones. (Apr 7th 2011)

KGO Newstalk Radio San Francisco

Dr. Bartell chats with Gil Gross about the Abbie Dorn case (Mar 24th 2011)

KOMO Radio Seattle

Dr. Bartell weighs in on a teacher charged with having a sexual relationship with a 17-year old student (Mar 23rd 2011)

CBS Early Show

Dr. Bartell gives advice on how adults can & must prevent & stop bullying (Mar 21st 2011)

KOMO radio Seattle

Dr. Bartell discusses the Australian bullying incident on YouTube (Mar 21st 2011)


Dr. Bartell comments on Jet's Quarterback Mark Sanchez encounter with a 17-year old girl (Feb 11th 2011)


Dr. Bartell comments on parental alienation case on Long Island (Jun 8th 2010)

Better TV

Dr. Susan offers tips and ideas for how parents should answer the tough questions that kids ask all the time. (May 19th 2010)


Check out Dr. Bartell's take on the Silly Bandz craze. (Apr 29th 2010)


Dr. Bartell speaks with reporter Dave Carlin about the young girl who was lured from her home by a man she met online. (Apr 3rd 2010)

KFOR-AM Nebraska

Dr. Bartell chats with terrific Cathy about the Top 50 Questions Kids Ask (Apr 1st 2010)

CNN.com: Fly and Cry

Dr. Bartell weighs in about what parents should do so their children don't disturb other travelers. (Mar 16th 2010)

KDAZ Albuquerue

Dr. Bartell discusses "The Top 50 Questions Kids Ask" with Birga Alden (Mar 8th 2010)


Dr. Bartell appears on Bill McLeod fabulous show for single parents talking about all matters related to kids and teens. (Mar 6th 2010)


Dr. Bartell chats with great radio personality, Mike Shikman, about "The Top 50 Questions Kids Ask". (Mar 3rd 2010)


Dr. Bartell chats with the wonderful Ted Elm about "The Top 50 Questions Kids Ask". (Mar 3rd 2010)

Dresser After Dark radio show

Dr. Bartell shares tips for parents about how to communicate better with your child, from her new book series "The Top 50 Questions Kids Ask" (Mar 2nd 2010)

WBAL Maryland's Morning News

Dr. Bartell gives listeners tips for effectively answering kids' questions. (Mar 2nd 2010)


Dr. Bartell discusses ways for parents to talk to their kids about crises in the world. (Mar 1st 2010)

The Marian Edwards Show

Marian chats with Dr. Bartell about easy ways to have healthier kids right now! (Feb 3rd 2010)

NBC's The 10! Show (Philadelphia)

Dr. Bartell gives tips to parents for keeping kids fit and healthy! (Nov 11th 2009)

700 Club

Dr. Bartell joins Pat and Kristi giving parents tips and ideas for raising healthy kids! (Nov 4th 2009)

CNN Blogger Bunch

Dr. Bartell joins CNN discussing social networking for kids and teens. (Nov 3rd 2009)

CBS Early Show

Dr. Bartell discusses the possible future adjustment for former captive, Jaycee Dugard, with Chris Wragge. (Sep 5th 2009)

CNN Newsroom-Rick Sanchez

Dr. Bartell analyzes the Jaycee Dugard case with CNN's Rick Sanchez (Sep 1st 2009)

CNN Newsroom

Dr. Bartell explains the traumatic psychological implications for former captive and abuse victim Jaycee Dugard and her two daughters. (Aug 30th 2009)

CNN Headline News

Dr. Susan offers psychological insight to Jane Velez-Mitchell on the news of the day. (Mar 4th 2009)


Dr. Susan shows parents and their kids how to create real, practical New Year's resolutions. (Jan 3rd 2009)


Dr. Susan offers tips for making the holiday season more meaningful for your kids! (Dec 13th 2008)

A Closer Look with Pam Atherton

Dr. Susan chats with Host Pam Atherton about how to survive the holidays with difficult holiday guests. (Nov 27th 2008)