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The Top 50 Questions Kids Ask - 3rd through 5th Grade

The Top 50 Questions Kids Ask - 3rd through 5th Grade Click here to buy this book!
From the back cover:

If you're the parent of a seven-to eleven-year-old, there's no doubt you've heard them already-and there are countless more to come. Questions! They come in all types: curious, nagging touching, annoying, and downright weird. What they all have in common is that parents are often at a total loss for how to answer them.

Inside you'll find the concrete response that will make sense to kids, stop the nagging, reduce your frustration, and begin healthy new conversations that will enrich your child's view of the world.

You'll learn to talk confidently with your child about the toughest of topics with advice and support from expert family psychologist Dr. Susan Bartell. Responding to your child's questions can be a remarkable parenting opportunity-if you just know the right words to say.

“If you've ever been stumped by a question your child has asked you, this book will help. Dr. Bartell identifies the 'hot-button' questions that consistently come up and actually provides the best possible answers to those questions so parents don't have to come up with them on their own on the spur of the moment”

— Elisa Ast All, co-founder, iParenting Media and executive editor, Disney Mom & Family Portfolio

“Finally, a book that answers all those questions we parents go in a cold sweat about! Dr. Susan tackles the tough ones such as money, shyness, siblings and religion. Plus, we get the psychology behind it all to better understand our kids. You'll find yourself using this book every day.”

— Pam Atherton, journalist and host of "A Closer Look" radio talk show

“Tremendous, reassuring wisdom in an easy to access format!”

— Grace Housholder, editor, Great Fort Wayne (Indiana) Family magazine

“Bill Cosby was correct-kids do say the darndest things. They also ask the darndest questions. What a stroke of brilliance to have captured these questions and then to provide parents with the best way to respond to each. Dr. Susan Bartell has once again found a way to offer sensible, succinct and straightforward advice in yet another amazing book.”

— Sara Dimerman, Psych. Assoc., child and family therapist, author of "Character Is the Key" and "Am I a Normal Parent?"

“Dr. Susan is highly gifted at helping parents and kids connect from the heart. This book honors our innate wisdom, supports us in nurturing our kids' emotional growth and empowers us to be the parents we were meant to be.”

— Renee Peterson Trudeau, life balance expert/coach and author of "The Mother's Guide to Self-Renewal: How to Reclaim, Rejuvenate and Re-Balance Your Life"

“If you value good sense, and you need some advice that works-in the heat of a tricky moment with your kid and long-term, too-this is the parenting guide for you.”

— Sarah Smith, editor-in-chief, Kiwi magazine

“Honest and age appropriate responses to some of life's most difficult questions. If you have kids over the age of two and you have found yourself stuck with a dumb look on your face after a 'kid question,' now just flip open this handy reference and answer your child with confidence!”

— Kelli Miller, owner of 3 Boys and a Dog blog

“The Top 50 Questions Kids Ask is an insightful guide on the issues and concerns every parent and child faces. It's a must- read guide that both moms and dads should keep at their bedside.”

— Allison O'Connor, Founder and Editor,

“Dr. Susan Bartell is the go-to person for all questions kids ask. No one is better qualified or more in touch with this age group to lend her expertise to a book that aids parents in improving communication with their ever-curious children.”

— Renee Raab Whitcombe, author of "Look Who's Going to be a Big Sister" and "Look Who's Going to be a Big Brother"

“As a mother of three, I know the many questions kids ask and how often parents can be caught off guard. But helping dispel fears and concerns is a cornerstone of parenting a child. Dr. Susan Bartell breaks it all down in a straightforward yet light hearted manner to help parents master this very important skill.”

— Danielle Sullivan, managing editor, NY Metro Parents

“Dr. Susan Bartell has done it again! She takes the toughest questions that kids ask us parents and gives us clear steps to figure out how we'll answer before the questions are asked. Using her recommendations will deepen communication and understanding between children and parents.”

— Nancy Gruver, founder of New Moon Girl Media and author of How To Say It To Girls

“Easy-to-implement parenting advice in bite-sized, easy-to-read pieces. Dr. Bartell states the question, uncovers the meaning, and suggests how to respond.”

— Lucy Banta, managing editor, New Jersey Family + Raising Teens

“If you're a parent, chances are you've squirmed in the hot seat, uncertain how to respond to some of your child's burning questions. Dr. Susan's book is the ultimate parent cheat-sheet, to arm you with insight-and the ideal answers.”

— Janene Mascarella, Parenting & Family Life columnist, the Long Island Exchange

“Leave it to Dr. Bartell to teach parents, grandparents and educators the very best way to reach kids, making them feel supported and understood.”

— Jennifer Biblowitz, LMCH, school counselor, Port Washington School District, Port Washington, NY

“Dr. Susan's extraordinary understanding of the world of children makes her one of the top authorities in the field. She has taken the time to really listen to the issues kids of different ages are dealing with, and provided insightful, parent-friendly information to help parents understand their kids.”

— Dr. Vicki F. Panaccione, Ph.D., Founder, Better Parenting Institute

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