Dr Susan Bartell

Dr. Susan Bartell is a nationally recognized psychologist, consultant and multi-award winning author in suburban New York. She is also a much sought after speaker lecturing widely on a broad range of topics, in many arenas.

About Dr. Susan Bartell

Dr. Susan Bartell’s mission is to help people recognize that they can have greater control over their emotional health and physical well-being, and can improve the quality of their lives. She achieves this by teaching individuals and groups many ways to master a range of skills in order to successfully meet even their most challenging moments head-on. Her goal is to provide a perspective that allows people to balance life’s demands through adaptive coping strategies so they can truly value the positive aspects of their lives.

She focuses on all aspects of life-balance for families, corporations, schools and other organizations. Dr. Bartell specializes in topics related to:

  • Improving family, work and other interpersonal relationships
  • Corporate, personal and family stress reduction
  • School and work-life balance
  • Developing a healthy lifestyle

As a corporate consultant she also brings her unique ability to:

  • Identify weaknesses within the corporate/organizational infrastructure which negatively impact on productivity
  • Develop corrective strategies to address the insufficiencies she identifies

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